Metal Detecting In Siberia - Second Metal Detecting Day on a Trip To Manzurka (Story 9)

Exploring the Site of A Large Settlement

This certainly was a great site for metal detecting. According to the locals, the two villages, one Russian and another Buryat, were built next to each other, just like many large settlements were built everywhere in that region - a historic way of two nations' coexistence. Considering the number of homesteads in each village, I would think of spending the whole summer metal detecting at the site - probably still not enough time required for thorough search. While detecting, one would have to dig up numerous shallow targets, mostly modern junk, in order to get to the oldest cultural level. It would be the most painful and time-consuming labor.

I knew that three hours, which we planned to spent there, would not be enough time even to clean the area off the junk around one foundation. Especially when everyone wanted to chill. I could not blame my friends for that. They finally escaped from the hustle and bustle of a big city and were enjoying their leisure time.

Picnicing in the Wide-Open

Well, my leisure time was about "digging up the history" so I went "to play with dirt" right away.

Metal Detecting at the Site of Ghost Village

As soon as I started metal detecting, I began hearing a lot of iron signals, rusty nails and junk, and dug up a couple of shallow targets.

Relic Found with Metal Detector

Red Army Uniform Tunic Button, Circa 1920s

Red Army Uniform Tunic Button with Star

Soviet 1946 20 Kopeks Coin

Soviet 1946 20 Kopeks Coin

In an hour, the weather improved incredibly: it got sunny and very hot. Rudolf and Nikolai also went to work.

Metal Detecting in Hot Weather

Having seen the guys digging up something, the girls could not resist to try their luck and made me take a break. Boy, they were eager to dig!.

Girls Helping To Dig A Hole

And they unearthed a coin!

1949 15 Kopeks from Stalin's Era

Soviet 1949 15 Kopeks Coin from Stalin's Era

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