4 Wheel Driving In Siberia - Metal Detecting Trip To Manzurka (Story 9), page 4

Winching Red Army Jeep Out of Mud Pool

I was surprised to see a legendary Soviet Army jeep, "UAZ-469", a tough 4x4 vehicle produced in the U.S.S.R., stuck in the mud.

Red Army Jeep UAZ-469

Rudolf did an excellent job without wasting a minute as if he recovered vehicles every day: he hooked the metal cord of the mechanical winch to the jeep and easily pulled it out of the mud pool. Even the fishermen could not believe how easy it was done.

View from Inside the Jeep

Winding a Winch Cable Back on the Mount
Rudolf Is Winding the Winch Cable Back on the Mount

According to the Russian tradition, one who helped somebody on the road would receive a glass of vodka as a good gesture in return. The guy was very grateful and happy to offer us a shot of fine booze. For the sake of good diplomacy, I volunteered to accept the offer (as usual :)). But the guy wanted everyone to have a shot.

Folloing the Tradition

Back on the Highway
Our Voyage Continued

Soon, we approached the first village on our way. In its vicinity, there was supposed to be a site of the initial settlement that was founded in the 17th century.

Old Siberian Village

Unlike the Buryat's villages, the early Russian settlements were built on the river bends - good strategic locations, thus giving a watchman an opportunity to spot any approaching vessels in advance and preventing any sudden attacks from unfriendly parties.

Site of the 17th Century Ghost Village