Treasure Hunting In Siberia (Story 9), page 16

All Metal Detecting Finds from My Trip To Manzurka

Here are my finds from our two-day metal detecting trip.

Artifacts Found with Minelab Explorer XS and II

Antique Signet Rings

Brass Harness Rosettes Found with a Metal Detector

Coins and Relics Found with a Metal Detector

Old Coins Found with a Metal Detector

Coins and Artifacts Recovered with a Metal Detector

Relics Discovered with Minelab Explorer

Overall, the exploring expedition was both exciting and educational for me. Besides the fun of metal detecting, I have visited places off beaten path, interacted with native Buryat people, learned a little about their culture and traditions, enjoyed their food and hospitality, enjoyed that amazing feeling of "touching" the history, and, most of all, spent great time with my new treasure hunting buddies.

Rudolf, Sergei, Daria, Irina, and Nikolai

Treasure Hunting Buddies

Sunset in Siberia

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