Metal Detecting In Siberia - Trip To Manzurka (Story 9)

Arriving to the Ghost Village Manzurka

After they got tired fighting each other over their turns to detect, I got my machine back and was lucky to recover one coin from the 19th century.

A 19th Century Coin Found with a Metal Detector

1886 2 Kopeks Minted During the Rule of Tzar Alexander III

1886 2 Kopeks

During the last hour of our search, I recovered a ton of iron junk and a few more 'keepers'.

Brass Harness Rosettes

Brass Harness Rosettes Circa 18-19th Centuries

A Soviet Coin

A Soviet 5 Kopeks Coin

Then it was time to drive to the final destination, the village of Manzurka, some 10 miles away. The map of 1703 showed that the village used to be a large settlement that had a church. According to Rudolf, most of the coins discovered at the site were Siberian coins minted during the 18th century--the most desirable coins by the Siberian treasure hunters.

A Fragment of 1703 Map

A Fragment of 1703 Map

As I expected, the site was situated on the river bend.

Location of 17th Century Ghost Village

The weather changed again: heavy clouds moved over, and the rain was falling down in a distance.

Downpour Over the Hills

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