Metal Detecting In Siberia - Trip To Manzurka (Story 9)

Digging Up Old Coins and Relics

It was getting dark and not much daylight was left, so I began digging up only the targets that gave solid signals.

A Fragment of a Brass Bat Wing Belt Buckle

A Fragment of a Brass Bat Wing Belt Buckle

A Brass "Whatsit"

A Brass

Finally Another Coin!

Russian Copper Coin Found with Minelab Explorer II

1844 1 Kopek

Russian 1844 1 Kopek Coin

The Coin Was Minted During the Rule of Nicholas I (1825-1855)

A Coin Minted During the Rule of Tzar Nicholas I

At that moment, it got really dark, my friends stopped metal detecting and began preparing for departure. I decided to search until the last minute.

A Little of Daylight Was Left

Not to waste any time, I did not take any more pictures of coins or other relics I found, except the last find, another Siberian 1 Denga from 1776, even though it was in the worst shape, damaged by the fertilizers. Only its reverse was legible. To "Finds From the Trip" on Page 16

Reverse of 18th Century Siberian Coin

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