E-Trac & CTX 3030 4-Level Search Program for Detecting Hammies, page 5

4. Other Coins Detectable with Level 1 Discrimination Pattern

The following images show thin-sectioned silver and copper-alloyed coins that will be accepted by the Discrimination pattern used in my Level-1 search program. With this pattern, a level of Discrimination is very high, and most of "thick" round silver and copper coins will be rejected.

"Tight" Discrimination Pattern Used in Program #2

Discrimination Pattern for Silver Hammered Coins

This group includes a medal made of low-conductive alloy, which was accepted by the Level-1 program's Discrimination pattern.

Thin-Sectioned Silver & Copper-Alloyed Coins, ca. 17th century, & a Medal, ca. 19th century

Thin-Sectioned Silver Milled Coins Found with E-Trac Search Program #3

Also tiny copper hammered coins called "pulos" would be detected with the Level-1 Discrimination pattern because of their low FE-CO values resulted from these coins' small size and thinness. A silver hammered coin Polushka is shown next to pulos for size comparison.

Copper Wire "Change" Money - "Pulos" - Coins of Smallest Denominations, ca. 16th century

Copper Wire Coins of Smallest Denominations - Pulo's, ca. 16th century

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