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A long cable of the search coil can be a nuisance during the detector assembly. To save time during assembly/disassembly and keep the cable wound tight around the shaft, it is best to wind the cable compactly around the middle shaft and duct tape it leaving out just enough wire to reach the control box socket. With the GMP's new stem, the coil cable can be wound around the handle shaft, next to an arm rest, and duct-taped for convenience.

Coil Cable Is Compactly Wound Around Middle Shaft of GMP's Stem of Old Type

GMP Search Coil Cable Is Compactly Wound Around Shaft

During stem disassembly, the spring clips of the lower and S-shaped shafts can make a user curse at engineers too. Pressing the clips is a real struggle especially during cold months of the season when the temperatures drop in the evening. And one has to take the protective gloves off to press the spring clips!

Irina Is Struggling with Spring Clips of Lower Shaft

Hard To Press Spring Clips To Disassemble GMP's Stem

The problem with spring clips does not exists on the latest models of GoldMaxx Power which are now equipped with a telescopic S-shaped stem of the XP Deus. And the flaws of the control box's stem-mounting disappeared along with the old aluminum S-shaped stem as well simply because now a user CANNOT mount the control box onto the stem in front of the handle! The control box can be either hipmounted or affixed underneath the arm rest.

Problems with the search coil cable being in the way and the weak bolts still remain in the today's GMPs. A picture below shows the search coil cable running along the handle on the latest GMP model which incorporates a telescopic stem of the Deus design.

Search Coil Cable on Latest Model of GMP

XP GoldMaxx Power Search Coil Cable Wrong Placement

I should mention the search coil cable jack which was probably designed for midgets! It is so tiny that to plug it into the socket requires a lot of patience. And if you have to do it in dim light or darkness, forget it unless you turn your headlamp on! The connection itself was designed with deficiency and caused many false signals due to the socket's flimsy pins and the plug's microscopic contacts within tiny holes.

XP goldMaxx Power Coil Cable Tiny Jack

Every time Irina tried to plug the cable into the socket, the control box would slide off the front mount bracket because of flimsiness in the fins/slides housing design. Unfortunately one can do nothing about it.

Obviously the XP engineers aimed at minimizing the detector's weight as much as possible while designing the GoldMaxx Power's physical body. Too bad they took an "invent-a-bicycle" approach, i.e. they decided to create their own "old fashion" design while there have been many time-tested, functional and flawless S-shaped tube-designs on the market for past 20 years. As it always happens, the "invent-a-bicycle" approach resulted in all the above-mentioned flaws of the GMP's body design. Just imagine if the GoldMaxx Power had a simple design of White's or Tesoro metal detectors. The GMP would be a "killer machine" in all aspects!

The good news is that a successor of the XP GoldMaxx Power metal detector - XP Deus, does not have the above-mentioned flaws except one - the same bolt/nuts are utilized in the search coil's attachment to the lower shaft. But "the other side of the coin" is that, with its original bolt/nut assembly, the old S-shaped-tube stem of the GMP can be used for doubling up the Deus if one has a second search coil for it! This was what my girlfriend and I did when we got the Deus with two search coils - we made two Deuses out of one! And the GMP's stem is conveniently durable to be used with the Deus' large 11' x 13' search coil.

Irina with Deus' "Double" - Deus' Large 11" x 13" Search Coil Attached to GoldMaxx Power's Old Stem

Irina with Deus' Double - GoldMaxx Power's Stem and Large 11 x 13 Search Coil

Happy Hunting!

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