XP GoldMaxx Power Metal Detector

XP GoldMaxx Power's Flawed Design: Modifications Made to Hipmount Bag, page 3

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In any case, the cover does not actually close because the gap between the shaft and the control box is too narrow.

Problem Closing Hipmount Bag's Cover

To solve this problem, my girlfriend Irina sawed two large white (for better visibility in darkness) buttons and elastic loops on the hipmount bag. Now, with the bag being closed, she would not accidentally hit the control knobs on the control panel during detecting.

XP GoldMaxx Power's Hipmount Bag Is Modified

Button Stretching Rubbered Loops Sawed on Hipmount Bag

Fasten Hipmount Bag Cover

The narrow gap between the control box and the middle shaft would also make it difficult to turn a twist lock on the GMP's middle shaft.

Problem Turning Twist Lock on GoldMaxx Power Middle Shaft

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