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Flawed Design of GoldMaxx Power: Control Box Above- or Under-Shaft Mounting, p. 2

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2) Mounting the Control Box onto and above the middle shaft is a bad option because it "shifts up" the detector's center of gravity and, therefore, will most likely cause the detector to overturn; with the control box either "landing" into muddy soil or hitting a rock.

Metal Detecting on Muddy Plowed Field with XP GoldMaxx Power

XP GoldMaxx Power Front Mount BracketTo affix the control box to the shaft (above or under it) in front of the handle, one has to use a front-mount bracket which can be screwed on the S-shaped shaft - an aluminum tube.

The XP designers did not think that some metaldetectorists might prefer the control box mounted onto the shaft, so the plastic bracket was NOT included into a standard package and was sold separately as an optional accessory - how more idiotic can this be?! I had to wait for TWO WEEKS (!) to receive this cheap piece of plastic from overseas.

If one wanted to mount the control box above the shaft, one had to put up with an inverted face of the control box. Looking at upside down controls is not a big deal but still ridiculous.

XP GoldMaxx Power Control Box Upside Down

3) Mounting the Control Box onto and under the middle shaft is the only acceptable option because it "lowers" the detector's gravity center, and the GMP does not tilt over when placed on the ground. And it is more comfortable to hold the stem with the coil cable being out of the way. However, this option is no flaw-free.

Under-Shaft Placement of Control Box

Under-Shaft Placement of Control Box

The biggest drawback of this option is that the control box is positioned too close to the handle and the shaft's bend; thus, causing accidental touching of the control knobs and messing up settings. To avoid this, the hipmount bag should be used.

XP GoldMaxx Power Under-Shaft Placement of Control Box

However, if a hipmount bag is used for the control box's rain/dust protection (What else to use? A special dust cover is not offered by the XP metal detectors!), a user has to struggle with closing the bag's screened cover. And it is impossible to keep it closed when the wire headphones are used and plugged into a control panel. At least using the wireless headphones can make it a little easier.

GoldMaxx Power's Hipmount Bag Is Too Close To Middle Shaft

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