How To Treasure Hunt Successfully

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5) At least once, try to treasure hunt at night, you might find it more rewarding. During the night hunt, you are less distracted by visual and audio factors such as surroundings, movements, noises, onlookers, etc. The focus of your attention is narrowed to the light circle of your headlamp on the ground, thus enabling you not to overlook any interesting object laying in dirt.

Night Treasure Hunt

6) Never discard junk targets before investigating them thoroughly. It is better to bring the questionable items home, rinse the dirt off them and examine them closely. Be sure there is nothing valuable left in that pile!

Iron Junk

7) Never ignore large iron targets. Dig them up! They may conceal many valuable targets under them, or may be the hidden treasures themselves.

Digging Up Large Iron Junk

Large Junk Target Dug Up

8) Use minimum Discrimination or none at all at the picnic grove sites. The usual homestead iron junk is absent there, and you will be able to hear responses from deepest, i.e. oldest, coins lying within detecting range. For more information on Iron Discrimination, please refer to my articles: "Less Iron Discrimination Lets You Find More" and "Quieter Operation of a Metal Detector vs. Detecting More Deep Coins" (it is included in the "Search Programs for Minelab FBS Metal Detectors" section).

9) Do not be discouraged by someone saying, "This site has been "worked out" or searched out completely!" It is never true! At such "hammered" sites, you would always find a few more coins and buttons, especially if you scan the spots next to the road. Believe it or not, many treasure hunters park their cars at those spots before scanning them with a metal detector first, or immediately begin detecting in the middle of the hunt site and leave the parking zone undetected. You can find more information on detecting methods in my article - Searching the Obvious.
Returning to any hunt site is always rewarding if you bring a metal detector that is more advanced than the one you used at this location before!

10) Always bring a magnifying glass with you. It will help you determine the value of finds like, for example, coins with key-dates. You would not want to toss such valuable coins into the pouch where they can be easily scratched by dirt and other finds.

Using Magnifying Glass

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