Traveling with a Metal Detector Abroad by Airplane

Useful Tips on Packing & Transporting Your Metal Detector on Airplane

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IMPORTANT: All airlines allow metal detectors on board because all countries in the world support the custom law that allows traveling with metal detecting equipment through their borders.

Since I started traveling with my metal detector to other countries in 1998, I have not encountered a single problem either with transporting my metal detecting equipment through the borders or using it in foreign countries.

I would not call it a good luck. It has been all about reasonable thinking and proper behavior, according to the old saying, "While in Rome, do as Romans do!"

Always apply common sense and intuition. It is always helpful to learn and research a little about the country to which you plan to travel.

First of all, all countries in the world support the Custom Law that allows traveling with metal detecting equipment through their borders.

However, certain steps in transporting metal detectors, especially by air, should be taken to avoid unnecessary problems that can arise due to the recently increased level of airport security.

When you are booking your flight tickets, keep in mind that:

. You can get a cheaper (sometimes 40% less) deal if you shop around on the Internet or call a few travel agencies for prices. You might consider a flight with a stop instead of a direct flight - that also reduces the ticket cost substantially. The cheapest airlines to fly overseas are Indian Air and LOT (Polish Airlines). My favorite airline is Finnair for their excellent service and food.

. You can get price discounts on Internet if you sign up for discount notification on the airline web site. A few years ago, for example, British Airways offered a stunning price of $199 for around trip ticket from New York to London with free three nights staying at the London's hotel on their web site!

. It is cheaper to fly on week days than on weekends - it also applies to the international flights.

Before you are making a reservation for a hotel room, get a map of the city (from the Internet) to which you are traveling and check all hotels' locations. Obviously you would want to stay in the hotel that is close to the bus or rail road stations. Do not book a room at the hotel situated in the city's center - it might cost you 10 or 100 times more! Make your reservations in advance and through the same travel agent who books your flight.

When you are taking your metal detector on the airplane, simply follow these rules:

. It is better to transport a metal detector inside the traveling hard case (I got mine at the yard sale for $1) that can be locked securely. If you use a traditional suitcase, bundle the machine's control box with packed clothes, place it in the middle space inside your suitcase, and make sure it is well protected from accidental hits and bumps. In any case, wrap the control box of your metal detector with bubble wrap.

. Never take the metal detector parts as a carry-on into the aircraft's cabin. Always check them in with your luggage.

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