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3) neglected fields that are rid of the last-year dry grass by grass burning, and suitable for metal detecting before new grass grows up;

Metal Detecting on Burnt Grass Field

Farmers usually use the heather and grass burning to remove old dry grass, control weeds, recycle many trace nutrients into the soil, improve grazing distribution, and reduce litter buildup. But not only farmers burn the dry grass in the fields and meadows. Some metaldetectorists also do this at the neglected fields to prepare their researched metal detecting sites for effective coin shooting and relic hunting, and this is how they simply give away their good detecting locations. In some countries, dry grass burning is prohibited by law.

Controlled Dry Grass Burning by Farmers

Dry Grass Burning Controlled by Farmers

4) fields with "light" grass (before it grows tall and thick during the Summer)

Field with Light Grass Cover

Some adverse ground surface conditions such as presence of a thick snow layer, fresh and rough plowed grooves, and overgrown vegetation, may negatively affect your search. For example, the search technique must be changed for searching in areas with the moderate-to-high levels of grass. And a regular search program may not be effective and should be changed for detecting the hammered wire coins at the locations with tall and thick grass. In most cases, the wild tall grass makes the wire-money hunting impossible.

Tall Grass

Happy hunting!

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