Metal Detecting In Siberia - Site Kokorino (Story 10)

First Group of Coin Finds

It was already late afternoon, and Rudolf called everybody to start getting ready for departure. I thought that he either wanted to bring the girls back to civilization before it was too late or he had had enough of my proof of Explorer's "magic" when used with a right program and headphones. I had already dug up quite a collection of finds at this "hunted out" site.

First Group of My Metal Detecting Finds Made At This Site

Just Coins

First Group of Coins Found at This Site

While Rudolf was loading the stuff into the jeep, his old treasure hunting buddy Sergei arrived to the site. Sergei was a Godsend to me - now I could stay longer and go home with him! Sergei was in disbelief when I showed him my recovered coins, and Rudolf confirmed my finds.

After the gang said "Good Bye" and left, Sergei and I began metal detecting. Now I had a real rival because Sergei used his headphones and was not exhausted like I was. And I also programmed his Explorer the same way my machine was programmed. To "Recovering A Siberian Coin" on Page 9

Sergei's Vigorous Start

Siberian Treasure Hunter Sergei Is Metal Detecting

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