Treasure Hunting In Siberia - Site Kokorino (Story 10)

To Picnic or To Dig?

The heat was unbearable so I decided to take a lunch break and went to our "picnic" spot. The girls had already come back from the swimming hole, spred the blankets and foam pads on the ground, and made a camp-fire. Now they were making sandwiches, drinking beer, and getting buzzed a little under the sun.

Rudolf and the Girls Are Having Lunch

Girls Are Partying

I chilled down in the shade of our jeep while eating my lunch. My strength came back to me and I resumed my search. My feeling of euphoria had already faded away, and I was expecting to unearth an older coin from the 18th century. I carefully listened to every sound "speck" in the ground, but the 19th century Russian coins kept coming up instead.

Coin Stuck To Chunk of Dirt

Nice Coin Imprint On Dirt

Nice Coin Imprint In Dirt

1817 2 Kopeks Minted During the Rule of Tzar Alexander I

1817 2 Kopeks (Tzar Alexander I)

Dima and Kolya, inspired by my coin finds, decided to try their luck while Rudolf was still engaged in the Public Relations project with drinking girls.

Guys From TV Crew Are Metal Detecting

Beginners Metal Detecting

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