Metal Detecting In Siberia - Site Kokorino (Story 10)

Recovering First Coins

While Svetlana and Dima were figuring out how to film the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen of Minelab Explorer II, the sound technician Kolya decided to take an advantage of the situation. He dropped the mike, grabbed an extra metal detector, and went "swinging" nearby. I guessed Rudolf's finds inspired him to get into action right away.

Filming the Minelab Explorer II  LCD Sreen

Kolya was very unpleased when Dima called him to get back to their project. But finally they began filming Rudolf showing how to use Minelab Explorer II in the field.

Filming Treasure Hunter In Action

Meanwhile, scorching heat from the sun made all girls go to swim in a cold creek nearby. The heat did not bother me especially when I received the first coin signal, dug a hole, and saw a "keeper" on the bottom.

A Coin Discovered In the Dug Hole

It turned out to be a 19th century coin minted during the rule of tzar Nicholas I (1825-1855).

19th Century Russian Coin (Tzar Nicholas I)

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