Metal Detecting In Siberia - Site Kokorino (Story 10)

Rendezvous In the Field

Then we heard the sound of a car horn. We turned around and saw a small car approaching. By the expression on Sergei's face, I could tell that he knew the driver very well. Actually, he looked very happy and went to the car.

His girl-friend Elena stopped by on the way home to say Hello to Sergei and see how he was doing. They embraced each other and did not let go for a while. Oh well, everybody was happy in their own ways at the moment. There was a romantic aspect in the hobby of metal detecting!:)

Precious Moment

Sergei Meeting His Girl-Friend Elena

Sergei and Elena

Sergei and Elena

Maybe a half an hour of daylight was left. I had nothing else to do but to continue treasure hunting. I still kept moving slowly but only the 19th century coins kept getting into my pouch.

Another Mason 1837 5 Kopeks Coin

1837 5 Kopeks Coin

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