Relic Hunting In Sillamäe, Estonia

Recovering WWII Military Artifacts

I also discovered that someone had beaten me to this site: iron junk was placed on the large rock by another treasure hunter.

Iron Junk left By Another Treasure Hunter

More Iron Junk...

More Iron Junk

A Fragment of WW2 Artillery Projectile

A Fragment Of Artillery Projectile

At this point, I thought that the homestead was probably hit and destroyed by the artillery fire during the WW2. That only meant that the site was littered with tons of WW2 iron junk. And I knew what challenges I would have to face trying to find at least one coin or an old artifact. But the biggest challenge was the fallen wood and thick vegetation that took most of the site.

Fell Trees

As I expected, the war junk covered all spots available for metal detecting. Probably a German military unit was stationed at this homestead (or farmstead) for a while during the war: I discovered a few trash pits filled with rusty tin cans, broken beer bottles, and porcelain shards. (More information on dangerous WW2 unexploded ordnance is presented on Dealing with Hunt Sites Infested with WW2 Military Junk page)

Nevertheless, I hoped that with a small 7-1/4" search coil I would be able to pull out a few good targets. I also increased the Discrimination to go straight after the targets of high conductivity. The first good signals produced the unfired 7.62mm rounds for Soviet Mosin rifle.

Unfired Rounds for Soviet Mosin Rifle

At a Closer Look

Back Of The Rifle Round

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