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Discovering Old Coins at Hunt Site Littered with WW2 Iron Junk

Discovery of this Finnish coin could confirm my assumption that there was a typical Finnish homestead here in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Finnish 1927 5 Pennia
Finnish 1927 5 Pennia

The second signal was even better in tone. With Explorer's Tone ID, one never could confuse this "sound of flute" with anything. It was a silver coin!

A Silver Coin Discovered
Discovering a Silver Coin

Finally I got rewarded for a long day of digging junk. Too bad that it was getting dark now, and I had to get back to my bicycle and pedal 5 km back to Sillame. This site should be definitely searched in early spring when the ground is bare of grass and vegetation.

19th Century Russian Imperial Silver Coin
19th Century Imperial Coin

Just the sight of dug silver coin, no matter if it was of the 19th century, satisfied my soul. As one of my old treasure hunting friends in New York used to say, "If I found at least one silver coin, it was a good month of metal detecting."

1880 10 Kopeks, Czar Alexander II
1880 10 Kopeks, Czar Alexander II

While I was packing my metal detector into the backpack, a small stick cracked some 100 yards away in the forest. The bobcat of a big size, or whatever it was, started meowing and growling again, only now it was moving towards me! Perhaps it got tired of me spending too much time on its territory.

Never before in my entire treasure hunting experience, I was "pushed" out of the woods by a wild animal. It was fanny and scary at the same time because not much I could do with my small shovel against the beast. As the old Russian saying goes, "It was time to do legs!" So I left. I will come back prepared next time! For now, I could just enjoy the whole month of relaxing on the Baltic Sea beach.

Calm Baltic Sea
Calm Baltic Sea at the WW2 Beach Battle Site

Happy Hunting!

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