WW2 Military Relic Hunting in Sillamäe, Estonia

WWII Nazi Germany Reichspfennig Coins and Artifacts

Suddenly I received a signal that did not sound like any WW2 relic I had recovered so far. It sounded more like a coin, the signal was "soft" and "round," though the conductivity level was low. I cut out a plug and noticed a small coin in the hole - German 1942 1 Reichspfennig. 5 minutes later, I found another 1 Reichspfennig coin dated 1941.

Other signals produced a dozen of aluminum bottle caps. Most likely the soldiers used to hang out at this spot when the fighting was not going on. I decided to clean the spot thoroughly and gradually move towards the panzer hole. More bottle caps came out as well as two whole schnapps or beer bottles made in December 1943 and May 1944.

WW2 Nazi Germany Glass Bottles

Finally, I received another coin signal and dug up a German 1940 10 Reichspfennig coin. That was exciting! Too bad the coins were in poor condition due to their Zinc/Nickel metal composition. Now I was swinging the search coil along the perimeter of the Panzer tank emplacement, a huge square hole. Fortunately the amount of junk at this spot was minimal so I could hear the "whisper" signals. And one of them turned out to be an Estonian copper coin, 1935 20 Senti.

My pouch was getting filled with more bottle caps and brass shell casings but I hoped to find an old coin. I was very happy when I received a copper coin signal but it turned out to be just another Estonian coin from the 1930s, 1934 2 Senti. I tried to find more coins at the spot for another hour but to no avail so I moved back to the trenches.

WW2 German Reichspfennig and Estonian Coins Found That Day

Nazi Germany And Estonian Coins

I resumed my search for large iron relics. Right away, I got a big signal which produced a 45mm brass casing of the round for anti-tank gun. Soon I got another big signal. This time the target was buried deep. I thought it was another rifle's barrel or a brass casing. I did not even know how wrong I was.

I started digging carefully but I was not careful enough: my shovel banged against a large iron target. At that moment my heart stopped for a second and I sat motionless for another moment. From the depth of 20 inches, a tip of the large artillery projectile was pointed at me!

I was shaken a little but I was very excited about my finds! I took them all to show my mom and my girl-friend what I found. Yes, I admit, I was showing off and it was childish but one does not think that way while finding something unusual for the first time.

I wanted to impress them! And it worked: they freaked out when they saw my "big" finds. They were not too happy about them but they were amazed to see and touch genuine WW2 artifacts.

Not Empty-Handed Again!

WW2 Relic Finds Of the Day

I buried the projectile deep under the rocks. My mom organized a small picnic and after her home-made sandwiches were consumed with grand appetite, we all took a swim in the Baltic Sea again. Then we relaxed sitting around the drift wood fire, drinking beer, and watching the sunset. Another day was well spent, and we walked back home all happy.

Sunset On the Baltic Sea

Photo Gallery Of WW II Military Relic Finds (1)

Photo Gallery Of WW II Military Relic Finds (2)

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