WWII Military Relic Hunting in Estonia

My visit to the museum was inspirational enough for me to go metal detecting at the historic field again. Plus, my mom enthusiastically expressed an interest in finding anything with a metal detector. Almost every summer day, she takes a long walk to the woods near the field where she picks up healing herbs and wild strawberries, so we agreed to meet up at the rampart. After lunch, I put my Minelab Explorer and shovel into my backpack and started bicycling to the site.

Bicycling to Metal Detecting Location

Bicycling to Metal Detecting Location

When I arrived to the location, my mom had not showed up yet, so I began relic hunting. This time I chose a different spot to search - near a tree.

At the Familiar Field Again

Field Metal Detecting

The first signal I received was "huge", and I carefully unearthed a fragment of the rusty artillery shell.

Fragment of WW2 Artillery Shell

Part of Artillery Shell

Next signal was a little bit "smaller" and produced a brass casing of the antitank gun projectile.

Brass Casing of Antitank Gun Projectile

Antitank Gun Projectile's Brass Casing

Holding a WW2 Artifact

I did not bother to determine whether the WW2 relic junk was German or Russian because it was abundant. I wanted to preserve my mental energy while I had it, and just kept further exploring the "museum under open sky."

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