Coin Shooting in Sillamäe (Estonia)

Recovering a Variety of Old Coins

The amount of war junk was incredible as the place was probably fought over for a long time: I filled my pouch with the rifle shells casings, splinters, grenade fragments, and many "whatsits" a few times. That was a lot of work. My arms were "falling off."

A Short Break Before Resuming the Search

Old Foundation

But soon I was rewarded for my efforts. First coin appeared from the hole after I removed a big piece of artillery shell.

Russian 1731 1 Denga Coin

1731 1 Denga Coin

By that point, my mother had been observing me metal detecting with great interest. But I could not imagine that her interest would rise up to the point of actually doing it herself. The coin's discovery induced that even more!

My mother already knew the basics of metal detecting. I quickly adjusted the length of the Explorer's shaft (another great Explorer's feature - an advantage over other detectors!) for my mom and set up the COINS program to make it easier for her.

My mom turned 65 that year but she looked like a child exploring a new toy. I simply stepped away and let her have fun. She was so excited to locate and dig up a target, a small strap iron buckle, without my supervision that she did not want to give me my Explorer back.

My Mom Metal Detecting

My Mom Metal Detecting

I was not surprised when my mom suggested to me to leave the detector with her when I would go back to the US, so she could metal detect on the beach and around the old foundations on her own. She thought it was a great idea! LOL

Anyway, I was concerned about my mom's arm on which she had an operation a year ago. So I took the machine from her and managed to recover four more Russian coins in an hour.

Silver 1828 10 Kopeks

Silver 1828 10 Kopeks

1857 1 Denezhka

1857 1 Denezhka Coin

1812 1 Denga

1812 1 Denga Coin

Silver 1906 10 Kopek

Silver 1906 10 Kopeks Coin

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