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How To Switch Each Set of Headphones To Its Own Search Coil

Insert the lower shaft into the middle aluminum shaft (as described in the GMP user's manual on page 6), and, voilà! - now you got two wireless XP Deus metal detectors!

Doubled XP Deus

And the GMP’s ear-clip wire FX-01 headphones, as a substitute for the the Deus' stock headphones, can be used with the Deus’ remote control which has a 1/8" headphone socket.

XP FX-01 Headphones with XP Deus' Remote Control

The XP FX-01 headphones produce clear crispy sounds and have a volume control. The latter should be taken seriously as it can change the timbre of "mixed" signals: a little too much of volume, and one may not hear slight difference in sound characteristics of "good" and "bad" questionable signals. The FX-01 is very close to the Deus' wireless stock headphones in quality of sound. And this makes it convenient not only for using the FX-01 headphones with the Deus' "double", but also for using them simultaneously with the wireless headphones while educating a beginner on the Deus various responses to targets under real conditions in the field.

As a matter of fact, you do not have to use expensive headphones with the Deus. Cheap and small headphones like the FX-01 will give you better audio than, for instance, an expensive set of headphones designed especially for metal detecting. I tried my multi-frequency metal detector's stock headphones with the Deus once and was disappointed (too much bass in sound) though these headphones had been my favorite for years.

As the wire XP FX-01 headphones do not require battery charging, they are the "must-have" if you plan to metal detect away from your car for a few days and, therefore, have to recharge the Deus' electronic modules (a remote control, a search coil and wireless headphones) with the XP Deus Emergency Field Charger. By using the wire FX-01 headphones, you would spare a few AA NiMH batteries to be used for recharging the search coil or remote control. When I use the FX-01 headphones with the Deus, I plug them into the Deus' remote control which hangs in its case on my waist belt. This way, the headphones' wire does not get in the way during metal detecting.

Do not forget to pair the remote control and the wireless headphones with a new search coil before you use it for the first time, to enable the coil to recognize the remote control and the headphones and communicate with them. Before using my Deus and its "double" in the field, I perform the following procedure to switch each set of headphones to its own search coil:

  • 1) turn both the remote control and the headphones ON and let whatever active coil register them,
  • 2) turn the remote control OFF,
  • 3) press the "MENU" button on headphones as many times as needed to reach 'COIL',
  • 4) press the "+" button to reach "02" (if you have only two search coils paired with the headphones), and
  • 5) wait a minute to allow the coil to become active (the coil's LED will produce a few long and bright flashes during activation);
  • 6) turn the remote control back ON and make sure that it is connected to the search coil "01" (press "OPTION" --> "COIL", page 23 of the Instruction Manual), and now both Deuses are ready to hunt!

NOTE: The XP Deus can be doubled up by using the Minelab X-Terra's and White's MXT shafts.

My girlfriend Irina got really excited when she found out about this detector-doubling because she no longer would have to struggle with painful assembly of the GoldMaxx Power in the field! And now, even with a large search coil, the weight of her Deus' "double" was much lighter than the GMP's weight, and was not much different from the real Deus' ultra-light weight. Later on, after the Deus had proved to be a capable detector and able to meet our requirements, I purchased a second 9-inch search coil for Irina. And she beat me in finds!

Irina Uses Deus' Large 11 x 13-inch Search Coil Attached to GMP's Stem for Deep Target Hunting
Irina Uses A Large 11" x 13" Search Coil Attached to GMP's Stem for Deep Target Hunting

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