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(Note: The DetectorPro Grey Ghost wireless headphones are designed for XP Deus ONLY)

Thanks, But No Thanks! - 1 Star for No Compliance with Tonal Audio Concept of XP Deus

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DetectorPro Wireless Grey Ghost Headset for XP Deus

I was provided with the DetectorPro Grey Ghost wireless headphones for XP Deus at no charge for testing. When I took them out of a box, I noticed their rugged construction and collapsible design.

The only thing I did not like at a first glance was the way a special connector for the Deus headphone module (a full electronic box) was attached to the ear cup's side - by means of three screws which are certainly susceptible to rust.

A Special Connector for XP Deus Headphone Module
A Special Connector for XP Deus Headphone Module

Because of this, the wireless Grey Ghost headphones already were not a match to their rival - a full ear-cup wireless XP WS5 headphone, which has the module already built in and is made specifically for the Deus by the XP manufacturer. And here was my other concern - a total thickness of the Grey Ghost's ear cup with the Deus module attached would make it stick out too far; thus, being prone to snatching by branches.

Grey Ghost Headphones with Deus Headphone Module Attached
Grey Ghost Headphones with Deus Headphone Module Attached

Right away I put the headphones on and, as I did that, I could not hear any ambient sounds - the headphones indeed fully sound-blocked environmental ambient noise. Special sound-blocking muff design worked fine as claimed by a manufacturer. The headphones were not too heavy, but I felt their weight. The headphones also felt kind of tight, but, at least, they would not slide off my ears when I forcefully nodded my head on purpose.

Until I began using the totally wireless XP Deus metal detector a few years ago, I had been a fan of the Koss wire headphones for many years and used an old Garrett headset once in a while. As I had never used the Grey Ghost headphones before, this would be my first time. So far my first overall impression was good, and I could not wait to test the Grey Ghosts with my Deus.

As I mostly hunt for both relics and coins in Upstate New York, I chose a perfect metal detecting site for field-testing - a cellar hole, circa mid-1800s, surrounded by dense scrubs, underwood, overgrown vegetation and branches hanging over head - all presenting the toughest conditions for metal detecting, in Montgomery county, NY.

Dense Bush Stems Around a Cellar Hole
Young Trees and Dense Bush Stems Around a Cellar Hole

Field-testing of any new product usually comes to comparing this product to a few known products that were designed for the same specific purposes, would have been previously used and are currently available on the market as well. This is why results of my field-test would be followed by a comparison of the Grey Ghost wireless headphones against the ear-clip wireless which I had already used under various conditions for three years, have been currently using and can not find a single drawback in their design and functionality.

Same goes for the following headphones made by the XP Metal Detectors manufacturer:
1) an ear-clip wire which I received in a package with an XP GoldMaxx Power metal detector a few years ago and have used them with my XP Deus "double" (you can read specifications and reviews for the XP FX-01 ), and
2) a full ear-cup/over-ear wireless designed for the Deus.
I had used both headsets to my full satisfaction!

Well, when I arrived at the metal detecting site and began testing the wireless Grey Ghost headphones with my Deus, I was in total shock... Bad shock... (CONTINUED on Next Page...)

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