XP Deus Program Settings, Features and Modes Explained, page 6

TX POWER: Function & Effects On Metal Detector's Performance

Levels: 1-3 (in Sensitivity's EXPERT sub-menu, page 38 in User's Manual)

TX Power is a "simple" feature which can directly increase or decrease the Deus' Depth Potential (not to be confused with the Detecting Range or Operation Depth Range).

XP Deus TX Power Setting

The TX Power control allows a user to select an optimal level of strength of emitted electromagnetic field according to one of the following general types of search conditions:

1) The ground is highly contaminated with iron (nails and their fragments, melted blobs, large and small fragments of iron roofing sheets, pieces of slag, etc.) - the TX Power should be set at 1 because a) increasing detecting range is out of question due to the superficial iron "blanket" in the ground, b) the lowest TX Power level prevents the detector's audio from overloading with loud responses to abundant iron junk, which can easily block the responses to small and/or partially masked desirable targets, and c) lowering the TX Power improves target recognition. The level 1 should be also used when metal detecting takes place on the highly mineralized ground.

2) The ground has moderate levels of iron junk and mineral content - the TX Power should be set at 2 (default setting in most factory preset programs) and will be sufficient for most detecting conditions.


3) The ground is free of iron junk, and a level of mineral content is low - the TX Power should be set at 3 to increase the Detection Depth; however, more battery power will be consumed, hence shorter battery life - almost two times shorter than with the TX Power at 1.

Coins and Artifacts An XP Deus User Found at Hammered-Out Site on New Season's First Day
Coins and Artifacts A Deus User Found at "Hammered-Out" Site

In theory, the TX Power set at 3 increases the Deus' detecting range, but, under real conditions, the increase is noticeable only for medium and large targets (the difference between settings 1 and 3 will be approximately 2 inches). For small coins, the increase is miniscule. This is why, levels 1 and 2 are more practical for detecting small and tiny coins such as medieval hammereds. The setting of 3 is default for the 'Relic' factory preset program which utilizes a low 4 kHz frequency (optimal for deep large targets).

NOTE: If you use a Frequency Shift feature (page 39 in User's Manual), you will NOT be able to adjust the TX Power setting as it will not be available in the Sensitivity' EXPERT sub-menu.