Metal Detecting In Pskov Region, Russia

From that point, I observed the area around and noticed a part of the field 100 yards away where the grass had been recently mowed! And also there were some ruins next to it!!! They looked like the ancient ruins that I had seen in Chile, South America: they were made of clay, were of an orange color, and they looked a thousand years old.

Ruins On Another Side Of The Field

Ruins At A Closer Look

Ruins At A closer Look

Part of The Wall

Now It Is Treasure Hunting Time!

Now We Are Talking Treasure Hunting!

The mowed patch was 50 yards long by 20 yards wide. I decided to search along its perimeter first and locate the Hottest spot. I used a 10.5 inches search coil and set up Discrimination accepting everything except nails.

You could read about the rest of my Explorer's settings in My Program for Explorer section of this site. The first signal that I received was of a coin! I cut the plug and there it was.

Russian 1898 1 Kopeck

Russian 1898 1 Kopek Coin

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