Metal Detecting In Pskov Region, Russia

A Brass Ring Came Up Next

Copper Ring

There were some other unremarkable finds including WW2 German K98 rifle brass casings in between two keepers. I had already noticed that all finds were coming from the field corner located between a dirt road and the ruins. Soon I got another coin signal. This time, I dug up a large coin, a Russian 1857 5 Kopeks.

Russian 1857 5 Kopeks

While I was enjoying my finds, the weather changed: the rain started sprinkling. I had to hurry up. By that moment, I had recovered one more copper ring that was much older than the first one and two buttons. Both the second ring and a smaller button could be dated to the early 1700s.

All "Keepers" After Two Hours Of Searching

Finds Detected By Minelab Explorer

Finds Of The Day

I had already searched most of the patch when the rain started hitting hard. I could not stay any longer and had to get back to the house before getting soaked. When I was leaving, a beautiful double rainbow appeared.

Beautiful Double Rainbow

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