Metal Detecting In Pskov Region, Russia

When we approached the house, we sent Dmitry inside to find out if everything was OK. Dmitry knew the girl who lived there now. Her name was Svetlana. She shared this big house with her sister Oksana, Oksana's son, and Oksana's boyfriend.

Soon Dmitry came out with Svetlana and introduced us to her. We explained to her why we were here and she said that she would not mind us staying in the house and digging around for a while.

After we said good-byes to Dmitry, Svetlana showed us into our rooms which were spacious and had high ceilings. I was impressed with a huge brick furnace that could warm up the entire house easily during the winter.

An Old Brick Furnace

After we settled down, we had a small drinking party. I had already noticed that Pavel liked Svetlana a lot. I had a feeling that I would be treasure hunting by myself most of the time.

Svetlana, Oksana, And Pavel

Svetlana, Oksana, And Pavel

Pavel was extremely happy to be there. I could be totally happy too if the place had a telephone, running water, and a shower. The water was brought from the creek every day. I would not want to tell you about its color. And I thought that I would go crazy if I had three more days of the outhouse experience.

While Pavel was courting Svetlana who was eating all chocolates that Pavel brought along, I packed my gear into my backpack and went exploring the area around. I crossed the creek and came to the old apple orchard. I walked a little further and came to the remains of a wood-log cabin. It was hard to determine its age though it was constructed with old square nails.

Remains Of The Log Cabin

Not far away from the cabin, there were remains of a brick house wall. This place certainly was worth of checking with a metal detector but the thick vegetation would not let me swing the coil.

Remains Of The Brick House

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