Metal Detecting In Pskov Region, Russia

By seeing remote places like this anywhere in provincial Russia, I was always puzzled how those people survived in such poor living conditions. There was no telephone in the village. In case of emergency, one would have to walk five miles to the town nearby.

There was no running water in the village either and everyone including 80 years old "babushkas" would have to bring two heavy pails filled with water from the well. There was no a grocery store in the village so the basic fruits and vegetables would be grown in the backyard garden or on the potato patch.

The diary products would be made from the milk supplied by a few villagers who kept cows and goats. Other basic foods would be brought to the village by the grocery truck once a week.

The elderly villagers would receive a pension from the state. But the pension was so small, it would not buy much. Thus, the old residents had been subjected to poor existence and constant survival. I would not know how these people had managed to keep their spirits high while living in the 19th century conditions their entire lives.

Grandma Olga And Her Cats

Grandma Olga And Her Kitties

Looking Over The Stake Fence

Visitors had always been a rare thing in this village so Pavel's grandma was very happy to have guests and prepared a large kettle of herbal tea for us. Her tea was so delicious that I would just sip it sitting on the porch and watching the sunset. (Tea is my weakness) But we had to move on. A grandma wished us good luck and we left.

I Was Ready For A Three Miles Hike

Ready For A Three Miles Hike

So Were My Partners

My Partners Treasure Hunters

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