Metal Detecting In Pskov Region, Russia

After A Short Hike, We Arrived To The Lake Slavui

Sunset On Lake Slavui

We did not have to look for a spot for our camp because there had already been a perfect one left by someone: the grass had been flattened and some firewood was left next to a fire pit. A nice view on the lake opened up from this spot which was the highest elevated point in the area.

And it was right where the village of Zaozernyi used to be. I noticed many china shards and fragments of bricks on the ground. The village was destroyed by the German artillery bombing during WW2.

Our Camp Would Be Here

Spot Of Our Camp

We Quickly Gathered Dry Firewood And Made A Comforting Campfire


After we set up our tent, Andrei started preparing a whole chicken on a stick over the campfire. It felt like we were shifted back into the medieval times.

Cooking Chicken Over Camp-Fire

We waited a long while for a chicken to be cooked well that way. I believe that I fell asleep right after I had tried one piece. That had been really a long day for me.

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