Metal Detecting In Pskov Region, Russia

The Last Inhabited Settlement On Our Way, Only Three Families Resided There

Last Inhabited Village On Our Way

We Just Kept Walking!

Walking A Trail To the Location

We planned to walk to the Slavui cemetery first and take a look at the ruins of a small church next to it. Some of Pavel's relatives were buried at the cemetery. Pavel thought that a small village used to be there as well.

My theory was that there was just a cemetery as it was shown on the 1797 map under a name Slavui Pogost. The exact meaning of the term pogost had always been difficult to determine. It could mean three things depended on a time period: a village, a cemetery, or even an entire township.

Soon I Noticed A Single Standing Structure In A Distance.

Ruins Visible In A Distance

Getting Closer

I Wished I Knew The Age Of This Chapel

Church Remains

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