Metal Detecting In Pskov Region, Russia

On the same day of my arrival, we decided to get there immediately. So we phoned another friend who had earlier agreed to take us anywhere in his cargo van. When he brought it over, we loaded the van with food and camping gear and left the city in the late afternoon. Pavel's friend Andrei came along.

It did not take us long to travel 10 miles to the village of Belokozovo where Pavel's grandmother lives. The village looked like any village in Western Russia.

Village Of Belokozovo

Grandma Olga's House

Grandma Olga's House

Unloading Our Treasure Hunting Gear

Unloading The Van

Pavel and His Grandmother Olga Nikolaevna

Pavel And His Grandma

By that point, we already had had one question in mind: how to deal with tall grass at the metal detecting sites? The answer was simple-we had to do it the old way, i.e. by using a scythe. Pavel's granny was very kind to lend us her scythe. She went to the shed and took it out.

Grandma Is Taking Her Scythe Out Of The Shed

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