Metal Detecting In Pskov Region, Russia

In two days, Pavel and I went to the mansion located in Nevel district which was an hour away by bus. Andrei could not join us as he had to go back to work. Instead, Pavel's friend Dmitry came along. He was originally from a village that was only five miles away from the mansion. He agreed to show us the way to the mansion's remote location.

Early in the morning, we arrived to the city of Nevel, another run-down city in the Pskov Region. A shack of pink color, a bus station, was the only cheerful looking structure in town.

Pavel And Dmitry Next To Our Bus, A Bus Station Is Behind Them

Pavel And Dmitry At Bus Station

We had 15 minutes to wonder around so we went to the town market nearby. Most passengers from our bus also went there to buy some beer and snacks for the ride. The market did not offer much and looked depressing. Sellers were setting up their lots with flowers, vegetables, and fruits that were grown in the back yard gardens. For some people, this was the only source of income.

Dmitry In Front Of The City Market Gates

Dmitry in Front Of City Market Gates

After we left Nevel and traveled for 30 minutes, the bus driver dropped us off in the village of Zhukovo. From that point, we had to hike two miles to the mansion.

Another Long Hike Ahead

It took us an hour and a half to walk up and down the hills and cross a creek on the way. Finally the roof of a big house appeared in a distance.

The Mansion Far Ahead

It certainly did not look like a mansion but it was much bigger than a typical house in any village. By looking at the stone foundation, I could tell that the house was built in the mid 1700s, though a few additions were made over the years as well.

An Old Homestead

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