Metal Detecting In Pskov Region, Russia

My finds inspired Pavel and, I believed, resurrected a treasure hunter in him. He woke me up early next morning and suggested to search three potential spots around the mansion: a vegetable garden next to the house, a hill slope behind it where the grass was low, and a small vegetable patch along the creek bank where Svetlana had previously found an old coin. The first spot turned out to be littered with nails and modern junk. It would take an entire day to clear it.

We went to the slope and I let Pavel use my Explorer. Unfortunately the hill was littered with hundreds of pieces of aluminum wire. Nevertheless, Pavel received a good solid copper signal...

Pavel Received A Solid Signal

...and started "digging to China."

Digging Deep To China

The Target Was Still In The Hole!

The Signal Was Still In The Hole!

Pavel was an inexperienced treasure hunter in addition to the lack of knowledge of Minelab's Explorer, so I knew what his mistake was: he could not pinpoint the target correctly. The target was not that deep. It was in the hole's wall and close to the surface.

I showed Pavel how to pinpoint it right and we recovered a copper object. Pavel was about to discard it as junk but I suggested to examine it first.

Silver Plated Table Dish

After I cleaned the dirt off the small table dish, it turned out to be silver plated and had a tiny mark: "Warszawa, Frages, 1851"

Tiny Stamp Up Close

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