Metal Detecting In Pskov Region, Russia

The graves in Russian cemeteries are usually surrounded by the iron-cast ornate fences. Inside there are usually a table and two benches so the relatives of the deceased could sit down, drink, talk, and remember a memorable moments from the life of those who passed away.

Pavel's Relatives Were Buried Here

Pavel At His Relatives Grave

The most part of this cemetery situated on the slope of a steep hill and many old graves had been naturally destroyed by the torrential rains and fallen trees. A few old gravestones were scattered around, among the trees and vegetation. We heaved one gravestone upright and tried to decipher its inscription written in the old Russian language.

Decifering An Inscription On Old Grave Stone

"Lord, Commemorate (This Person) In Your Heaven"

Inscription On Grave Stone

It was getting dark and we had to walk towards the lake where we had planned to set up our camp. So we left the Slavui cemetery. I was glad that we had checked up the place and now did not have any doubts about what it was.

Continuing Our Journey

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