Crossing the B.C. Time Barrier at Medieval Market Site (Story 2)

While approaching the bridge, actually an iron sluice, I realized that we were walking on a dam across the river. That did not give me any good feeling - that beautiful and wide water body, formed by the dam construction, most likely covered the site of former medieval settlement under it.

Iron Sluice Bridge

Iron Sluice

I was just about to share my unpleasant thought with my buddies when a car appeared on another side. The guy climbed out of legendary Russian car "Volga," lit up a cigarette, and apparently began waiting for us.

Russian Car

It turned out that the guy was on the way to the store, we passed by on another side, to get his afternoon booze. But he did not have any money so he did his usual routine by stopping at the bridge and asking any passer-by for spare change. Dmitry discouraged him by saying that we did not have any change and actually were about to look for some. The guy had difficult time figuring out the latter.

Guy Asking for Spare Change

We found the shade under the trees on the riverbank, assembled our metal detectors, and went exploring the field.

Settlement Site in Field

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