Metal Detecting at Cultural Settlement (Kievan Rus') in Ukraine (Story 1), page 1

Relic Hunting at Bezradichi Village, circa 12th Century, in Kiev Region

Finally I decided to visit my cousin Mikhail and his wife Marina in Kiev, Ukraine, after five years of not seeing them. Last time I was visiting them with my American girl-friend Shelly, I brought my metal detector with me, and we went exploring the WWII battlefields in the Kiev suburbs.

Back then we found nothing but the usual WW2 military relics. This time I wanted to explore the sites that potentially could yield the artifacts and coins dated back to the Medieval Times and even earlier periods.

One night in June, I arrived to Kiev

Misha and Marina picked me up off the train from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Somehow we managed to put my huge duffle bag into the small trunk of their Citroen.

Their apartment was in the Khrushchev era type of the apartment building.

Like many apartments in Ukraine and Russia that I had seen before, their was remodeled in a modern way, and it looked nice!

Unfortunately, we could not go metal detecting right away as the heavy rain started the next day and continued for a few days.

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