Metal Detecting Cultural Settlement Bezradichi (Story 1)

I began metal detecting on the patches, clear of grass, carefully swinging the coil in between the growing vegetables. I received many good signals which turned out to be a modern junk: bottle-caps, fragments of aluminum wire, pieces of foil, etc. I almost gave up on that spot when suddenly I got a "copper" signal.

Recovering a Bronze Relic

First, I did not know what it was, though I knew it was Medieval and made of bronze.

Bronze Relic - Grivna

I was still excited - it was a cool relic!

After doing some research, I determined the item to be a fragment of "grivna" - a bronze Torc, or a Torc-Collar, or a Neck ring, which was worn by women like a necklace. Such neck rings were made of flattened and twisted wire with plain ends, on which triangular or elongated pendants were sometimes attached.

Kievan-Russian Grivna, circa 10th - 13th Century

Kievan Russian Bronze Grivna, Torc Collar, Neckring, Necklace, ca. 10th-13th Century A.D.

Then it was time to join my friends in the barbeque picnic, so I returned back to our "camp" and just lay down in the cooling shade of oak trees while everybody were checking out my finds with excitement.

Oak Tree Leaf

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