Metal Detecting Cultural Settlement Bezradichi (Story 1)

The amount of iron signals increased, but those were just tiny bits of iron. 30 minutes went without a solid "iron" signal and then I got one.

Found an Iron Relic!

It was a knife blade without a handle part.

Medieval Iron Knife Blade, ca. 11-13th centuries

I was not sure about its age before I went to the Kiev museum later where I saw exactly the same pieces on display. It was a 12th Century iron knife all right!

Medieval Iron Knife Blade, ca. 11-13th centuries

Placed on top of the catalogue picture, the knife would perfectly fit into the image.

Relic Matched One In the Catalogue

Then there were no signals again. I decided to move to another side of the plateau where the locals set up their vegetable patches.

Vegetable Patch

Coming to the edge, I noticed a nice view with cows hanging out on the pasture down below.

View From the Plateau

And two crows chilling during the hot summer afternoon

Crows on the Tree

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