Metal Detecting Cultural Settlement Bezradichi (Story 1)

...It was no problem for us to find a dirt road leading to the top of the plateau. Standing on top and looking down, I understood why this location, a great strategic point, was chosen by medieval people: any attacking enemy would have to climb the slopes where it would be easily defeated.

Looking Down from the Plateau

Looking Steep Slopes

Looking Down at the Empty Water Basin

Empty Water Basin

In the same historical book, I found a few illustrations of men and women outfits of that time period.

Outfits of Early Russian Soldiers

Outfits of Early Russian Soldiers, ca. 11th Century

Outfits of Medieval Russian Women of High Societal Rank

Outfits of Medieval Russian Women, ca. 11th Century

As soon as we settled down in the oak grove, I began assembling my Minelab Explorer.

Assembling My Metal Detector

It Was a Delightful Day in June

Wild Flowers

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