Metal Detecting Cultural Settlement Bezradichi (Story 1)

I decided to search the field on the way to the settlement's center. The fields around it were used for growing grains, so they would contain interesting artifacts. Of course, the archaeologists searched this location thoroughly but I always knew that there would be no site completely depleted of finds!

And, of course, hundreds of treasure hunters had visited this obvious spot, I knew it for a fact. But it did not discourage me either because most of metaldetectorists in Russia and Ukraine hunt without headphones or with the factory preset programs, thus, leaving some good targets behind. I also knew that the site of this enormous size would require many weeks of metal detecting. I had only one day!

Buckwheat Field

My friends decided to sun-bathe while I was metal detecting.

Friends Were Sunbathing

I Was Ready to Relic-Hunt-N-Roll!

I Was Ready to Relic-Hunt-N-Roll

Yury and his son were watching me in action through the "optics"

Yury and His Son

As soon as I turned my metal detector on and started swinging the coil in All Metal mode, I was surprised not to hear a usual cacophony of unwanted signals produced by the minerals in soil. Then the realization came to me - the soil was not of a high mineral content!

I could not believe it but I "cranked" the Sensitivity and Gain up to the highest levels, and Explorer was still stable! In other words, it was very comfortable to metal detect, but it also meant that anyone could use a cheap $60 metal detector and still find a good stuff.

The soil was dry but not hard to dig

Dry Soil

Pottery fragments were scattered on the ground everywhere I looked - a solid proof of the medieval people's activity.

Pottery Fragment, ca. 13th Century

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