Crossing the B.C. Time Barrier at Medieval Market Site (Story 2)

Visiting Antonov Village - a Birthplace of Igor Sikorsky, Inventor of a Helicopter

In 20 minutes, we arrived to the village Antonov where Igor Ivanovych Sikorsky (1889 - 1972), a pioneer of aviation who designed the first four-engine fixed-wing aircraft and the first successful helicopter, spent his childhood.

Berezanka River

Berezanka River

The area offered absolutely picturesque surroundings and lots of open space that would make you want to fly. No wonder, someone like Sikorsy, who was inspired by the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, developed his dream of vertical flight and expressed it first in a flying model of a rubber-band powered model helicopter when he was 12! Though, the today village itself looked like any village in the region where the local economy was not so great.

A Grocery Store

Grocery Store in Village

Abandoned Soviet Collective Farm Machinery

Abandoned Soviet Collective Farm Machinery

Finally we drove up to the point where the bridge over the river was located. Unfortunately, the small car could not even get to the river due to the poor road conditions (the ruts were too deep). We thanked Dmitry's friend for getting us there, took our gear, and started walking towards the bridge.

Walking on River Dam

At that hour of the day, the heat was at maximum and unbearable. Everything around, even the river water, stood still.

Water Reservoir

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