4x4 Off-road Vehicle For Metal Detecting Trips

4-Wheel Drive (4wd) Vehicle is Essential for Treasure Hunting Expeditions, page 1

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From my own treasure hunting experiences, I can say that many productive "hot" detecting sites would not be that easy to get to. In many cases, there is only one path leading to the location, and you do not have a choice but to try your luck getting through.

4-Wheeling Through the Mud

Sometimes it is a passable abandoned dirt road or trail, sometimes...

4WD in Mud Pool
...It is a Mud Pool!

If you take a regular car as your expedition vehicle on the metal detecting trips to remote areas, you are taking a high chance of getting yourself into real trouble.

Off Road Vehicle Got Stuck

Some treasure hunters can get away with regular cars and minivans like Bob from Virginia does with his Voyager getting through the wet fields in Ukraine

Relic Hunter Bob in Voyager

But it would be wiser to have a Jeep, 4x4 pickup truck, SUV (sport utility vehicle) or any 4-wheel drive vehicle to get to some lucrative sites without getting stuck en route.

Jeep Wrangler for Treasure Hunting Expeditions

In some extreme situations, even having an off-road vehicle that is properly equipped would not guaranty an easy passing through the tough spots.

Off-Road Vehicle Got Stuck in Mud Pool

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