4-Wheel Drive Vehicle for Treasure Hunting

4x4 Vehicle is The "Must Have" for Metal Detecting Trips to Remote Hunt Sites, p. 2

The driver's experience and his ability in making a quick and right decision plays an important role. Sometimes even the most experienced drivers make mistakes.

Off Road Vehicle in Mud
Try To Get Out of This Trouble!

One should be prepared for such challenges by equipping the 4x4 off-road vehicle with an electrical or hydraulic winch that could be the only savior.

Electric Winch on Toyota Land Cruiser

The electric operated winch would give you more advantage because if the engine stalls in a difficult situation and will not restart, the batteries, would usually have enough juice left to winch out of the tough spot. You would then be on better ground to work on the problem.

Winching 4WD Out of Mud

Besides a tool kit, maps, and some basic emergency items, the three most important things to have when traveling the back country trails and roads are the following:

  • 1) Frame-mounted tow hooks, at least one in front and one in back. A Class III receiver hitch mounted in back counts.
  • 2) A recovery strap at least 2" x 30' long, the kind with loops on the end, not hooks. The ones with hooks are for towing, not recovery (getting unstuck).
  • 3) A Hi-Lift jack with attendant hardware.

The Hi-Lift Jack and accessories can be used as a hand winch. It can lift the vehicle as well as hand winch it out. If another vehicle comes along, or you are traveling with a buddy vehicle, the recovery strap comes into play. One should never use a chain, underrated rope, or worn strap.

One should not wrap a strap or other recovery tool around the stock bumper, steering components, springs, spring hangers, or axles. A frame-mounted tow hook should be used.

Attaching the Winch Cable to Off-Road Vehicle

Or one can use a short sling and tuck it up around the frame, avoiding wires and hoses, then connect it to the recovery strap with an adequate "D" shackle. The strap would absorb the impact, allowing the yank motion. Also one should never use ball hitches - they can go through radiators and crack a cylinder head!

Unlike my treasure hunting buddies in Russia, I do not have a powerful 4x4 "toy" that is fully loaded with self-recovering tools. I have been taking my chances with an old 4x4 Chevy S-10 pickup truck. So far, I have had one "close call" but managed to get out of trouble by means of flat stones I took from the abandoned stone wall nearby. Usually I use common sense and avoid unnecessary risks.

4-Wheel Drive Pickup Truck
My "Work Horse" - 4WD Chevy S-10 Pickup Truck

But, like any serious treasure hunter, I wish I had a real "monster" which I could take anywhere carefree! Yes, a good metal detector, excellent treasure hunting skills, and the well-done research are the keys to successful treasure hunting. But, sometimes, all comes to a mighty off-road vehicle that can fly through the mud!..

Off Roading 4-Wheeling

Tracked Offroad Vehicle GT-75
...Or Tame This Tracked "SupaMonster" Which Hates Any Road!

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