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To name all useful items used during the treasure hunting process, it would require building up another web site. I just want to include a few accessories that I use during my metal detecting outings or always bring along.


This is absolutely a MUST! The second rule of recovering targets at any site is simple: Do not leave any junk in holes or around them and carry it all out! (The first rule - cover all your holes!) Plus, the Coin/Junk pouch is the only way to make sure what you finds stay with you! Many metaldetectorists have found out the lamentable way that putting your recovered coins into your pants or jacket pockets can easily lead to loosing your coin finds forever.

You can keep what you find with any of the following types of pouches: 2-Pocket Pouch (one pocket is for valuables, another pocket is for trash), Deep Pocket Coin Pouch, 3-Pocket Mesh Pouch, and 2-Pocket Coin Pouch/Apron. It is the best that your pouch can be worn on a belt and be easily and securely attached to it. As I use a special coin container (described below), I can put it along with recovered junk into a Deep Pocket Pouch which I prefer over other types.

Deep Pocket Pouch I Have Been Using for Years

Deep Pocket Pouch for Metal Detecting Finds

Also a Multi-Pocket Pouch with Mesh Bottom is very practical as the dirt can easily fall through the bottom and not accumulate inside.

A Multi-Pocket Pouch with Mesh Bottom

Multi-Pocket Coin Pouch for Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting

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