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Useful Outdoor Personal Items: Police Pepper Spray, Survival Knife, Monocular, p.4

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I take this one along when going to the wilderness in case of sudden encounter face-to-face with potentially harmful wild animals or with domesticated "two-legged ones." Just make sure carrying this item is in compliance with local law.

PUNCH II utilizes a proven formula which enables this product to serve as an instantly effective less-than-lethal aerosol subject restraint weapon. A one-second spray into the face dilates the capillaries of the eyes, causing temporary blindness. It induces choking, coughing, nausea, and mucous membranes swell to prevent all but life-supporting breathing, giving rapid 'knockdown' and preventing further aggressive activity. PUNCH II can control all subjects, even persons not able to feel pain, persons under the influence of drugs, and extreme psychotics.

Pepper Spray PUNCH II


No words are necessary to explain the usefulness of the survival knife with an emergency kit contained inside the handle.

Survival Knife with Emergency Kit


I use this monocular during my scouting for potential sites in the mountains where I can use the distance to my advantage. It helps in spotting the abnormalities in the surroundings.


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