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XP GoldMaxx Power Review

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XP GoldMaxx Power Review

The GoldMaxx Power performed so well at the "searched-out" hunt sites because it was designed for such task. Engineers from the XP Metal Detectors put a simple concept into the GMP: a tonal 'turn-on-and-go' detector that indicates a good signal with distinctive sound pattern while responding to a small desirable target in close proximity to iron or partially masked by it. This was achieved mainly by means of high operating frequency of 18 kHz, fast recovery speed (Reactivity) and absence of non-ferrous Discrimination.

The XP engineers really came up with a "lucky" combination of features to be used by detectorists in order to cope with new metal detecting reality. The high 18 kHz frequency provides high sensitivity to small and low-conductive coins such as thin-sectioned hammered, billon and milled coins, and many other targets that are difficult to detect. Fast Reactivity provides effective separation of coins from the iron trash surrounding them. Absence of non-ferrous Discrimination allows greater detecting range. To identify iron objects that may sound off with a higher tone pitch - "iron falsing", if not rejected or partially rejected, the engineers incorporated the Iron Volume feature. To minimize falsing of large iron objects and various interferences, they added the Silencer feature controlled by a switch.

Just four control knobs - 'Sensitivity', 'Iron Threshold' (Iron Discrimination), 'Ground' (minimizes effects of mineralization) and 'Iron Volume' (also 'Iron Level' - volume of the low iron tone), and the 'Silencer' switch on the GMP control panel allow an operator to quickly optimize the detector's performance "on the fly" according to any ground conditions! And that is all!

Irina's Settings for Detecting Coins Masked by Nails

XP GoldMaxx Power Settings for Detecting Coins Masked by Nails

XP WS-3 HeadphonesTo speed up the search process, any visual Target ID indication is excluded. This allows the detector's brain - its microprocessor, to process all incoming Target ID information faster. And the operator's brain registers and comprehends incoming information in Audio form much faster than in Visual form. Fast functioning of both electronic and human brains combined allows for quicker decision making and , therefore, higher time efficiency in the field.

After I purchased the wireless XP WS-3 headphones for the GMP, the search process was sped up even more. The target recovery time was minimized due to the operator's better maneuverability around the target spot without the headphone cable getting in the way.

The headphones' around-ear cushions provide maximum comfort and block out exterior noises. Because the WS-3 headphones provide high quality sound and the ambient sounds do not interfere, more nuances of audio patterns of responses to the small targets at intermediate depths can be heard and, therefore, the rate 'number of good targets : amount of targets dug' increases. The time efficiency at the hunt site gets higher too.

However not everything is okey-dokey with the GMP. Its physical body design has a few major flaws (details are given in my article "Flaws in GMP Body Design") because the early GoldMaxx Power was designed primarily for hip-mounted operation. The XP engineers' goal to make the GMP an ultra-light machine is understandable, however, the GMP's weight (3.4lbs = 1.55 kg) is not a problem at all when the search operation is conducted with a control box affixed to a stem. A late model of the GMP incorporates a telescopic stem of the Deus and does not allow for mounting the control box on a middle shaft (above or under). So now the control box can be either affixed under an arm-rest or hip-mounted.

The detector's hipmounted operation is useful in cases when the detector is used by an operator with a physical impairment and if the detector's weight is above 4.5 lbs and/or a large (18" or larger) search coil is employed for searching vast areas. Otherwise, the operator's movement during target excavation would be unreasonably restricted by a coil cable connected to the hip mounted control box.

The GMP is ideal for "vacuuming" the 'hunted-out' sites but is not the most comfortable to use at locations that are littered with modern non-ferrous junk because all non-ferrous signals would have to be dug up. Two years later, when I got the XP Deus (see next page), we found another good use for the GoldMaxx Power: its stem assembly was utilized for making two Deuses out of one.

All in all, despite many drawbacks in its design, the GoldMaxx Power brought many moments of joy over wonderful finds to my girlfriend. The GMP concept was a new direction that was taken by the XP Metal Detectors company, and now that concept has been developed further towards excellence of the XP machines. The GoldMaxx Power is a predecessor of the Deus which has set a new standard for a metal detector of the 21st century... Oh well, that is another story (on next page).

Irina Easily Found Tiny Hammered Coins At "Quiet" Spots

A Happy User of GoldMaxx Power

Silver Hammered Coins Found with XP GoldMaxx Power

Silver Wire Money - Hammered Coins, Found with XP GoldMaxx Power

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