Metal Detecting "Virgin" Site (Story 1), page 22

"There Are More Coins Underground Than In Circulation" - It Is True!

The arrival of Tahhir's sister and her husband, who came to pick us up, got us out of stupor. Tahhir and I filled the freshly dug prospecting hole, collected our gear, and walked towards the car in silence. While riding in the car, I finally recovered from the shock and started feeling happy again. The results of our search exceeded my expectations: together with Tahhir, we recovered over 100 coins from only one-third of the site territory!

All Coins Found

At A Closer Look

Besides, we discovered two 'hot spots' that could be the indications of coin caches buried there! I was amazed thinking that there would not be such a "fruitful" treasure hunting at the site if it was not for that single standing tree that allured Tahhir to a true "Virgin" Site, a Dream Site! The two-thirds of the site are still remaining untouched. We will be back there next spring! That is for sure! (see my new story - Revisiting A "Virgin" Site)

Happy Hunting!

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