Metal Detecting Discovery of Virgin Site, page 3

Pathways Should Be Always Metal Detected

It Turned Out To Be A Soviet 1936 5 Kopecks Coin

An axe head produced a clear loud signal. A freshly dug hole instantly got filled with water while I was taking a picture.

Soon, we had covered all the space available for search. Even though, the weather had become optimal for metal detecting, we had done all we could at the spot and had to go somewhere else. At least, we pocketed a few "keepers."

...And Junk

The day was coming to an end and we had to find a new location fast before it would get too dark to set up a camp. We threw our gear into Forrest's jeep and drove off while the sunset was turning into cool colors.

We had to drive to the district of Kingisepp where I had to meet with Tahhir next day. Forrest and I did not have any old maps of that area with us so we had to use a modern topographical map. I spotted a potential site, a field on a hillside with a creek nearby, that was named Smooth on a map. We arrived there in total darkness, drove to the furthest field corner, and camped. In the morning, we found out that it was a beautiful location. I only wondered if it was a productive one in terms of metal detecting.

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