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Treasure Hunting With Your Partner(s) As A Team Is Always Beneficial

But soon our "coin plantation" got depleted of good signals. Tahhir started flattening the grass at a different part of the field. I decided to switch a 7-1/4 inches coil for 10-1/2 inches coil in order to get deeper targets. Even though I changed the settings on my Explorer as well, I noticed a big difference in my machine performance: it became almost quiet producing only broken signals.

The detector's performance seemed to be affected by iron slug, mineral content in soil, and Hot Rocks (even though my Explorer was set up on discriminating them). There was indeed a tough soil for metal detecting at the site. Well, not that I felt lazy digging deep, but out of desire of exploring other parts of the site, I attached a 7-1/4 inches coil back on my machine and moved to a new spot.

I had made only a couple of small steps flattening the grass, when I received a loud coin signal. I cut the plug out and discovered not one but two coins lying on the hole bottom!

Russian Imperial Coins Found

1724 5 Kopeks and 1739 1 Denga

1724 5 Kopeks and 1739 1 Denga

One of the coins was a rare coin, but unfortunately it was partially encrusted into false patina.

The Coin Before Cleaning

Uncleaned 1724 5 Kopeks Tsar Petr I

It took me some time and effort to clean the coin but the results were rewarding - the coin looked awesome! To find out about the coin cleaning methods, please visit my Cleaning and Preserving Coins page.

The Coin After Cleaning

1724 5 Kopeks Tsar Peter I (The Great)

I also noticed the round spot on each coin. That indicated that one coin had been on top of another. The smaller coin had a round unoxidized spot on another side - there was another coin somewhere in the hole! I rechecked the hole and, yes, I got a clear signal. I quickly recovered the third coin - The Gods (of Metal Detecting) Love Trinity!

Russian Copper Imperial Coin Unearthed

Metal Detecting Coin Find

1738 1 Denga

Russian 18th Century Coin

the Coin After Cleaning

1738 1 Denga Tsarina Anna

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