Virgin Site Metal Detecting Near St.Petersburg, page 16

"Whisper" Signals Produce The Most Valuable Coins And Should Be Always Investigated

While consuming a mix of instant noodles with canned meet, I was analyzing the results that we had achieved so far. We had not found an old silver coin yet. I thought, how it was possible for Tahhir to recover not one but two rare silver coins within one hour of his only visit to the site last year?

There could be two answers to my question: either it was a pure luck, i.e. Tahhir recovered the coins that were accidentally lost, or the field plow caught the tip of a buried cache and brought those two coins to the ground surface. We had not found either the usual homestead junk or any old farming tools - this fact pointed to the theory of former existence of a tavern at the site.

We quickly finished our lunch and were about to continue metal detecting, when suddenly we heard a long burst of AK-47 fire coming from the neighboring forest. Tahhir and I looked at each other in silence, grabbed our detectors, and... resumed our search. We were more excited about digging more coins than of anything else!

Then a car with four guys inside sped by. Tahhir said to me, "You should see those inhuman faces!" To what I replied, "Human or not, they enjoy their fun!" Despite the rain, our excitement was growing by the minute again as old coins were filling our pouches.

Metal Detecting Russian Imperial Coins

Russian Imperial Coin Recovered

Russian Imperial Coin Found

Russian Imperial Coin Unearthed

Russian Imperial Coin Dug Out

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